Scot of Haddington Ltd

Webasto Authorised Partner in Scotland with access to full factory level technical back up from Webasto.

Our workshop staff are factory trained in the installation and repair of Webasto Heating.

Webasto lap top diagnostics.

We stock a large range of spares for the full Webasto Heater range.

We can supply and install different types of Webasto heating to Car, 4x 4, Light commercial vehicles, Mini Coach, Plant, and Motorhome.

Cab night heaters and Cargo area heating on Commercial Vehicles.

Car parking heater

Fitting a Webasto Thermo Top Evo parking heater to your car, van 4  x 4 provides the following benefits.

Several options of control, i.e. timer, remote telestart or smart phone app.

Warmth and comfort of a pre heated interior

Pre heated engine, no more cold starts

Reduces engine wear

Defrosted and demisted windscreens, no more scraping ice.

Reduced start up emissions.

Draws fuel from vehicles own tank.

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Air Heating

Webasto Air top Heaters,  Compact and Powerful, can be used either as a stand alone heating solution or as an add on to existing heating systems, therefore Webasto offer heaters of different power ranging from 2kw to 5.5kw

Several options of heater control, Rheostat switch, timer. Multifunction panel.

Short heat up time

Stepless power modulation to maintain constant cabin temperatures

Multimode operation including ECO and boost functions

Draws fuel from the vehicles own tank.

Suitable for Commercial vehicles cab and cargo area heating,

Motorhome living area.


Water Heating

Webasto Evo and Thermo range of water heaters. Compact and powerful, can be used to heat domestic water in motorhomes and leisure vehicles, horseboxes, interior heating in coach and commercial vehicles as well as engine pre heating. Webasto offer heaters with different power ranges between 4kw to 35kw

Several options of heater control

Short heat up times

Draws fuel from the vehicles own tank

Defrosted windscreen (when used as an engine pre heater integrated into vehicle heating)


Using the Webasto Dualtop means just one fuel source for complete comfort. It will heat up both cabin and domestic hot water. The entire unit fits under the vehicle chassis thus saving precious space inside.

The integrated 6kw heater (Dualtop versions with electrical coil can reach power up to 8kw) ensure heating comfort throughout the vehicle. The sophisticated heating technology allows quick heat  while using minimum power. An integrated 11 litre hot water boiler supplied either 40 degrees C or 70 degrees C warm water.

RHA100                           Exclusively using diesel from the vehicles tank

RHA101 and 102           are also equipped with an electrical coil to heat up cabin and domestic hot water with a 230v connection

Diesel Cooker

The one flame cooker offers one area to cook and one to warm up meals. Thanks to its compact dimensions and flat design the Webasto diesel cooker is especially suitable for individualists who want to rely on only one fuel source on board.

Easy to use and clean.

Low current and fuel consumption.

Easy installation due to its compact size.