Reversing Aids

Rearview CCTV Systems

We can supply or supply and install  Rearview CCTV systems

4 x 4, Light Commercial, Mini Coach, Motorhome, Plant, Agricultural and Commercial vehicles.

Guardian, Durite, Brigade, Vision Alert, Holger.

Kits priced from £149.00 inc vat

Reverse Park Sensors

We can supply or supply and install rear parking sensors

Car, 4 x 4, light commercial, mini coach, and motorhomes.

Reverse alarms

Warn those around that a vehicle is about to reverse, avoid accidents.

Install a Reverse alarm.

Activated when reverse gear is engaged.

Buzzers, Bleepers Sirens, Voice. White noise.

12 to 48 volt

Van, Forklift, Plant, Commercial Vehicle, Coach. Motorhome.