Cables, Connections & Accessories


We stock a large range of automotive cables

Thin wall single core,  2 core, 5 core, 7 core multi core cables,  Light and Heavy duty Battery cable. Earth bonding straps.

Sold by the metre or reel.

Also several types of protective sleeving, heatshrink , insulating tape and cable ties.

Connectors & Fuses

We stock a large range of cable connectors. Crimp and Solder types. Blade, Eyelet, Butt.

Light and Heavy duty battery terminals, Heavy duty starter terminals.

Glass, Mini Glass, Blade, Mini blade, Maxi blade, PAL Male and Female, Jcase, Midi and Mega Strip fuses. In line fuse holders and fuse boxes.

Relays & Switches

We stock a large range of automotive switches, relays, flasher units, dash warning lights, 24 to 12v converters, horns and solenoids.